Episode 015 – Section H8 White People

Harold Crews and Mark Thomey discuss the new anti-white push from the Obama regime. The new offensive means subsidizing housing primarily for blacks and Hispanics through Section 8 rent subsidies targeted at housing located in white areas. The war aim is to move blacks and Hispanics into areas with large white majorities. They discuss the[…]

Episode 014 – FaceBook, Tranny Troubles & Politics

Harold Crews and Brad Griffin have a wide ranging discussion on several topics in this episode. They start with the discussion of social media and crowd funding censorship. The Right is being censored across nearly all forms of social media and crowd funding. From the recent FaceBook jailing of Dr. Michael Hill; skewing trending news[…]

Episode 013 – Nationalism or Globalism

Harold Crews and Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, discuss the only real issue facing the world and in particular the West today. That issue is whether the solution to the crisis we are facing is Nationalism or even more Globalism. They discuss the origins of globalist universalism; how it’s spread[…]